Clash of Lines - Pirates

Clash of Lines - Pirates

It is not just another classic Match-3 game!
Clash of Lines presents you a new sight for match-3.
Elements for match can beat other elements for you now. But be cautious! Enemies can shoot you!
Yes, you have lifes and armor in this match 3 game. Cannons also available on battlefield. And last thing - you are a pirate! So you have to collect as many coins as it possible.

How to play:
1: Match 3 or more same elements(you'll have much more if more than 3 elements will be matched)
2: Match cannons to destroy enemies ships
3: Match coins, armors, and destroy boats to gain new abilities and upgrade your stats
4: Use abilities to match elements.

- Endless match 3 gameplay.
- Match 4 elements to have 6 bonuses
- Match 5 elements to have really large bonus
- Use regeneration to restore your life every turn(it is only one passive ability in the game)
- Use a cannon ability to destroy one ship
- Use a vertical or horizontal ability to match random vertical or horizontal line
- Be a pirate - steal coins.
- Not only you can levelup. Enemy ships also change their colors and need more cannons to destroy.

It is the best match-3 pirate puzzle game!
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