Mobile Dungeons Roguelike RPG

Mobile Dungeons

New roguelike RPG Mobile Dungeons.
Amazing gameplay with many rpg features. For all roguelike-fans.
7 rpg classes:
Black Mage

3 rpg levels with different monsters: Ruins, Forest, Tower.
9 kinds of monsters
Many rpg elements:
Hit points
Mana points
Attack level
Mana potion
Health potion

Everytime new level generation. In best roguelike rpg traditions monsters has regeneration as well as you. And that's not all. You and monsters can be poisoned. You can be affected mana burn, mana lock like in tradition rpg.
Game has scoreioid implementation
Many spells like Poison, Heal, First strike, etc.
Use ability of your hero to beat all evildoers!
Many abilities: Absorb, Dodge, Regeneration, etc.
We love roguelike rpg tradition.
Pixel-graphics rpg.
Same experience as on desktop.
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